The Big Astronomy team has gathered resources to make the Big Astronomy film and related resources more accessible. Below is a summery of the resources we have.

Big Astronomy Film: The award-winning film is available in both English and Spanish. You can request a fulldome version, and a flat screen HD version if you do not have access to a planetarium. When downloading the film, you can also download an SRT file for captions for the film. Watch a trailer of the Big Astronomy Film. Visit this page to download it.

Many of the videos showing interviews with STEM professionals, and bonus content from the film, have been captioned.

Related educational materials: the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has made educational activities related to the learning goals of the project. You can download a DIY manual of accessible adaptions for these materials. 

You can also request a new kit of activities designed for visitors who are blind or have low vision.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific has a great video introducing the activities and providing best practices. You can watch that here.

We hope these resources make teaching about STEM careers and the diverse teams of people it takes to enable big discoveries easier and more accessible!